Cheyenne Dog Food Company, LLC
801 West Pershing Blvd.
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
(307) 514-6555

Cheyenne Dog Food Company was founded by Leonard Bowman after  searching for the right community to become a part of. This search led from Texas, through Arizona, Colorado, north Idaho, and finally, Cheyenne, WY.  Leonard spent his career in the high tech industry in Texas.  As an avid outdoorsman and dog lover, he could always find a way to do what he loves and bring his dogs along for the adventure.  Leonard believes dogs were created to be our special companions, and are uniquely designed to fit into our lives, and his dogs are an integral part of his lifestyle and a natural fit.

In 2007 the dog and cat food industry experienced a horrific failure, as many food companies using contract manufacturers to make their food woke up one day to discover that a highly toxic ingredient had been used in their product.   Leonard was feeding one of the brands affected, and his dogs became deathly ill.  Thousands and thousands of dogs and cats died from this poisoning.  Leonard’s vet, Dr. Ted Koy (retired) acted quickly to identify the symptoms and after extensive hospital care, all three dogs survived and lived a full healthy life. Elijah Blue, his Vizsla, is still with us, you can see him on our home page.

Because Leonard was feeding premium food, he had peace of mind that his dogs were getting all they needed nutritionally.  Now, he knew he had to learn more about dog nutrition to have more confidence in how and what to feed. Leonard found Tail Waggins Dog Bakery in Georgetown, TX and Diane Hamar. Diane led Leonard through the process of learning the nutritional needs for our dogs, and decided to feed a raw meat and bone diet from known sources in the USA. Leonard was searching for the peace of mind he thought he had before, but this time with his own, learned knowledge of what was best for his dogs. This experience kicked off a passion for learning about dog nutrition and eventually lead to the decision to leave the high tech business and start a dog/cat food store with the best foods and treats available.

The independent dog food industry has grown by leaps and bounds recently, and Cheyenne Dog Food Company is proud to offer the best food on the planet for your companions. We can offer this food with confidence, because much of what we offer is manufactured with human grade ingredients in human grade kitchens.

All our foods are made in the USA, with regional ingredients from known good sources. Our manufacturers are also passionate about their foods, their processes, and their commitment to our pets. They have dogs and cats too, and we are pleased to offer food made with compassion, love, commitment and care, and unsurpassable quality. If you are like so many dog and cat lovers, and have fed what the TV told us to feed over the past decades, then you will love how your dog or cat responds to truly good nutrition. They will thank you, you will see the difference, not only physically in their coat, teeth, eyes, and digestive health, but in their attitude. Dogs show true happiness when fed what they really need. That’s why we are all about loving our dogs, inside and out!

Speaking of inside and out, at the insistence of Leonard’s sister (who owns two golden doodles) we have brought to Cheyenne a premier, top quality self-serve dog wash, all under the same roof! Bring your dog in, large or small, and enjoy washing them in any of our six large and unique bathing stations. We know you need to bathe your dog, we wanted to make it a pleasant experience for both of you!

We look forward to serving you and your companion at Cheyenne Dog Food Company, where you will find what your dog or cat really needs, and peace of mind for you!