Cheyenne Dog Food Company, LLC
801 West Pershing Blvd.
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
(307) 514-6555

Cheyenne Dog Food Company is much more than just good food for your pets. We’ll help you keep your dog clean and smelling great when you use our unique, custom designed bathing/grooming facility. We know what it’s like to bathe your best friend at home, and we know what it’s like when you’re finished…how can dogs trap so much water in their coats? And even after towel drying there is plenty of water left in to shake all over the room!

We are dedicated in providing a fun, safe place to bring your dog for a bath. Bathe them using our house shampoos and conditioner (made by Bio Groom, the best in the business!), or upgrade to a specialty shampoo especially formulated for your pets particular needs.  We provide the tools and equipment you will need to get you dog cleaned up and smelling good.  Our spray units are easy and convenient to use, working with you not against you, and are supplied with temperature controlled water, never too hot, never too cold, always just right!

After bathing, use our extra large, plush, towels to towel dry, then switch on our custom made dryers to finish the job. These dryers are quiet, but strong, reducing your drying time and providing just the right air volume for your dog.  The remote controls are conveniently located next to the tub and the dryer hose  is easy to use and has all the attachments you will need.

If you like to add the finishing touches, move to our grooming table where you can finish the drying process with our fluff dryer, brush and comb. If you have your own clippers and shears, bring them with and sculpt away! If you need assistance, or you are uncomfortable trimming nails, coats, cleaning ears, or teeth, our Wash Master is there to help. We offer packaged and a la carte services to complete the beautification process.

Come see us and find out how fun and easy it is to give your dog a bath! And Love Your Dog, Inside and Out!

Wash-n-Go  Pricing

  15lbs and under $10
  50lbs and under $15
  100lbs and under $20
  Over 100lbs $25
  (Includes bath, dry, brush,nails, sani clip)
  15lbs and under $25
  50lbs  and under $35
  100lbs and under $45
  Over 100 lbs $55
  Nails/dremal $10
  Ear cleaning $3
  Ear cleaning
      w/hair pulling
  Sanitary clip $10
  Grooming table $10/hr