Cheyenne Dog Food Company, LLC
801 West Pershing Blvd.
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
(307) 514-6555

There aren’t very many things better in life than playing with your dog or cat and rewarding them for a job well done...or a job almost well done…or an attempt at the job…or even just because they look at you that certain way! At Cheyenne Dog Food Company you will find a great assortment of toys, and you will find just what your pet wants and needs in any home. And don’t forget to pick up a special treat for your friend!

Our treats are all made in the USA, and are the most scrumptious in the land! Fresh meaty bones, grain free biscuits, dehydrated meats of all kinds, all good for your pet and delicious! Bring your dog in, they will help you choose!